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إشتراكات البودكاست

Issandr El Amrani, Ursula Lindsey and friends discuss the state of the Arab world, from Morocco to Saudi Arabia via Egypt.

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28 يونيو, 2009
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  1. spicksandspecks

    Great insight into Egypt’s politics
    Love hearing the analysis and commentary on the intricacies of Egypt’s political upheavals.

  2. @mina_el_naguib (twitter)

    The Arabist podcasts
    Probably the best politics podcast on the middle east. Regularly featuring two of the best Egypt-based journalists (who have extensive experience covering other countries), Issandr (who is ‘The Arabist’) and Ashraf respectively play the roles of cool, calm analyst and passionate, genial Egyptian, underpinned with thorough journalistic integrity, experience and knowledge. (And having once bumped into them both in Tahrir square, I can attest to them also being true gentlemen).

    This isn’t couch-analysis: they’ve directly covered most of the topics discussed, and supplement this with a number of guests from time to time, which allows a deeper discussion of more specific issues, from constitutional process to urban development.

    Definitely worth a listen whilst on the bus/cooking your dinner.

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  3. Kefteji

    Great analysis and super fun
    The Arabist podcasts keep getting better and better. Egypt experts Issandr ElAmrani, Ursula Lindsay, and Ashraf Khalil anchor the show – providing great insight into the Egyptian political scene. Because they are all analysts and reporters, they bring to each show different viewpoints from lots of different actors from across Egypt. Frequent guest appearances by academics and journalists add depth.

    Bottom line, not being in Egypt I have a heck of a time keeping up with the craziness of Egyptian politics. This podcast provides a fun, well-informed discussion that keeps me up to date on the latest news and analysis. My only complaint – they don’t do it more frequently.

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  4. Cherezel

    A must
    A very refreshing and invigorating slant on current affairs from a mostly Cairo based point of view. The young journalists provide personal and informed opinions and analyses and their discussions are always stimulating. Their true strength, for me, is their desire to shed light and understand rather than shine and prove themselves in the right. A must listen to podcast for anyone interested in what is going on in the middle east beyond the headlines. I also like the less than perfect technical sound quality. They obviously don’t have a big bucks media machine behind them. A big Thanks! to the team for helping me feel in the loop with what’s going on.