Buckle Up With Big Hass

Buckle Up With Big Hass

Buckle Up is a series of interviews with musicians, artists, and entertainers about their work and creative process. Hosted by Hass “Big Hass” Dennaoui, these conversations take place "On The Go" so, Buckle Up & join the convo. It started out in 2018 as a series shot in the car, and now it has shifted to the studio format.

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13 أغسطس, 2018
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  1. Chez Hanan

    Big show!
    A very underrated show. Big Hass I salute your unconditional effort and commitment to local talent. You’re like Batman to me, helping the underground talent shine. You deserve an award 🏆

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  2. Little G Fresh

    The Best Podcast ever
    Love discovering and learning about new artists. Honored to be one of the many Guests. Super fun time on the show!! 🔥 and Big Hass is a Legend

    Little G Fresh

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  3. Jeezy27

    Shining light on everything hip hop
    Very informative and entertaining podcast and YouTube shows that not only shines light on talented artists internationally but also discussed numerous other topics that vary in genre and style. From hip hop and music in general to art and culture, from fashion and poetry to lifestyle and forward thinking. This show covers it all. Highly advisable to anyone that’s into growing their minds and expanding their artistic palette.

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  4. Nora Ashraf

    An Icon of the Music Scene
    Big Hass has brought together what was once a fairly scattered music scenes. If you wanna know more about the budding and established talents of the region, this show is the way to do it.

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  5. Bobbbb123456890

    One of the best shows about the new wave arab scene in the region
    Best show to learn about new artists in the region, not just as artists, but also as people. Bless Big Hass for this.

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  6. bobovi o i. i

    I’ve just listened to the Narcy episode ,it’s so inspiring…
    Keep grinding Big Hass🔥🔥

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  7. Ahmed al Mahmoud

    Man oh man!
    Big hass , big name, yet Avery big heart. It’s great to listen to him on podcast after watching him driving around the city buckled up with awesome local talents.

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  8. Alaa Albaghdadi

    Alaa 🎬
    Love the the positive vibes and amazing energy 💓 so buckle up to enjoy inspiring journeys

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  9. rayan 22

    Easily one of the most entertaining podcasts from the UAE.
    Not many podcasts actually take the time to explore the personalities and stories of the ppl behind the growth of our entertainment industry. This podcast really documents the power of starts up and young individuals who are trying to make a diff!

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  10. Basema Salma

    What a great podcast!

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  11. LACC77

    Fresh and entertaining!
    Love the real talk and no the no holding back … great platform for artists. Ya’ll got my ears…

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  12. MalKray

    So good!!!!
    Always love listening to this man. Nothing beats it.

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  13. Molham Krayem

    Big Hass keeps it real with an incredible line up of guests! The conversations are genuine and Hass does a great job of bringing out the best from his guests. You can tell he’s truly invested. One of my favorite podcasts!

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  14. Nounzilicious

    Buckle up, it’s going to be a fun ride! (every single time)
    What an amazing show!
    A refreshing approach on how to cover the cultural richness and beauty of our region, the music scene in its diversity, the creative individuals, and the curators and boosters of the art scene. Cruising, Big Hass interviews his guests as if he is catching up with friends – like a “What’s Up?” vibe – without forgetting to highlight their skills/talents and their latest updates. He also brings out the BEST in them, the REAL in them and the FUN in them.
    So, buckle up! It’s going to be a fun ride (every single time)

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    Just giving myself a tap!
    Keep your comments coming! Big plans for buckle up in 2019 ✊🏼✊🏼

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  16. Mohflow

    A pioneer in the Middle East
    This Podcast/Show has been a platform artists of all sorts that don’t necessarily get the props they deserve in general. Big Hass operates as the platform that dives deep into upcoming as well as established artists of all sorts. We need more of this!

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  17. Afahad

    A breath of fresh air
    It’s not just the fact big hass is a rare breed of truth spitters, but he sincerely believes that Arabic hip hop speaks truth to power and gives a long overdue and needed voice to the Arab youth.

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  18. khayra.b

    Yassssss!!!!!!!! Listen to ppl in cars while you’re in the car
    Intimate yet lighthearted conversations of middle eastern movers and shakers. Like omg why are you reading this instead of filling your ears with goodness?!

    It’s originally a YouTube show, but translates wonderfully to podcasting.

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  19. Youyou 12 يويو ١٢

    Put Me A Song:7 Rings/Bad Idea
    Put Me Instead A Song that is:7 Rings/Bad Idea