Arab Tyrant Manual

Arab Tyrant Manual

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Iyad El-Baghdadi and Ahmed Gatnash discuss all things related to authoritarianism and liberty in the Arab Tyrant Manual podcast.

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14 نوفمبر, 2017
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  1. WeidenPodcasts

    Informative and thought provoking
    If you’re interested in a (different) perspective on the (Arab) world, this is a worthwhile podcast. The two hosts and their guests focus on the big picture.

  2. johpeace

    Unique in the Arab world
    Thanks for the deep and timely content 🙂

    الإمارات العربية المتحدة
  3. LancyCole

    Essential listening for anyone interested in/worried about Middle Eastern governance.

  4. Yousifya

    Great podcast
    Breaks issues logically and hosts present great political analysis. Would be good if hosts add a joke or comedic reference every now and then so that its not all serious. Excellent nevertheless.

  5. Semperphi

    A well done primer
    This podcast has given me an insight and a framework for understanding some of the dynamics and interactions and rationale for what’s happening in the Middle East, from the Arab perspective. A valuable resource and well worth the time investment.

    الولايات المتحدة
  6. fuzzball830379

    Everyone Should Subscribe
    This should be required listening for everybody. The hosts breakdown and expose the truth behind the authoritarian politics of Middle East, clearly demonstrating the flaws in Western-centric and autocratic analysis.

  7. Takoyaki Mayonnaise

    Thoughtful & thought provoking
    A thoughtful and thought provoking podcast which fills in gaps left by the major news outlets about the Middle East. Keep up the great work!

  8. barbaranorthrup

    Must listening
    This is not a “cute” or “fun” podcast but it is important and informative. This is not the style of “Pod Save America” which features hosts who joke around and periodically deteriorate into the F-word. El-Baghdadi and Gatnash take a deeply analytical approach and bring together historical, cultural, and political threads to expose the topic of the day.

    The first episode looks at the “reforms” which are being undertaken by MBS of Saudi Arabi. The hosts explain clearly the bases of their analysis. They are serious and dedicated to “freedom, human rights, and the fight against all forms of authoritarianism.” They are also open to feedback in order to adjust and improve.

    Although I have made the Arab Tyrant Manual podcast sound deadly dull but it is not. The style of the podcast is dense but accessible. Yes, I had to pay attention and think….at it was completly worthwhile. I look forward to more podcasts so that I can better understand the “Arab world” from the point of view of those who actually know what they are talking about.

  9. ThisIsAReview456

    Worth your time
    I’ve been following Iyad al-Baghdadi on twitter for years. His intellectual integrity is a rare gem. I don’t always agree with him. But I almost always learn from him.

    الولايات المتحدة
  10. Magouri

    Very engaging!
    Very engaging podcast, with good analysis of the current situation in Saudi Arabia.

    المملكة المتحدة