Kerning Cultures

Kerning Cultures

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Stories from the Middle East and the spaces in between. Kerning Cultures is produced by the Kerning Cultures Network.

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23 سبتمبر, 2015
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  1. hefyitbuyerway

    Re-humanizing the Middle East
    In a sea of news that often focuses on numbers, violence, and big overviews, Kerning Cultures stands out in its quest to show individual stories and experiences that help reshape this region in our psyche. It’s brilliant, and you won’t be able to stop listening or thinking about it.

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  2. williame23

    Beautiful storytelling beautifully engineered
    Title says it al. Love this podcast!

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  3. yiotounikou

    I feel lucky
    I have enjoyed this podcast immensely. Thank you so much for your authentic work.

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  4. Anne’s itunes

    My new favorite
    An amazing podcast with wonderful storytelling. As a white woman in middle America I know very little of the history of Northern Africa and the Middle East. What a wonderful way to learn more. Bravo.

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  5. karakuze

    Great stories here, and thoughtful ideas about who owns cultural heritage. How do matters of ‘peace’ perpetuate an inegalitarian status quo namely one of continued occupation. there is also the question of access. Who will be able to access the materials if they are in Israel and who will be excluded?

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  6. 88QRW

    Always something fresh and new
    I’ve loved listening to the stories presented on this show. Some standout favorites include the episode about the Cedars of Lebanon donated to the United States, cultural influences from Arab North Africa found in Mexico and Puerto Rico, and Sesame Street in the Arab world. The producers have a real talent for identifying and telling stories that need to be told.

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  7. Hal_246

    i love and learn from this show
    i am not of MENA descent so I have learned so much about the cultures and social issues going on in the region from this show. It’s wonderfully produced with fascinating topics and guests. I especially enjoyed the episodes “The K-Pop Wave” and “Loving Lynn” because i am Korean & Filipino American so it was really cool to see these worlds collide. You can’t go wrong with any episode though, you’re bound to learn something new!

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  8. katandbrandon

    Wonderful variety
    So informative and interesting! Great work here !

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  9. baobede

    The first thing that
    The new version was the

    المملكة العربية السعودية
  10. Cyrus P.

    As an Iranian I love this podcast because it shows my culture!! Thank you!!!!

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  11. Poposha sp

    Operation Nemesis
    Thank you so much for the episode on Operation Nemesis. It was absolutely worth listening to well executed prepared presented . And most of all it shows how much injustice we have suffered as armenians and shows us how powerful we could be if we unite and put our minds to good use.