Pass The Kabsa

Pass The Kabsa

إشتراكات البودكاست

Twice a week the Kabsa Boys sit down to discuss the news, trends, pop culture, relationships, and music. No topic is off the table and you get pure, fresh, raw, uncensored, and sometime misguided point of views. Grab a seat!

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6 أكتوبر, 2020
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عجبهم البودكاست 😍


دولتين 🌎
  1. aljaberafnan

    Perfect podcast to listen to while making your own coffee.

    I mean I enjoy hearing the funny and serious stuff you saying while making the latte (I don’t know about the others) lol, but when I don’t make a good art i say whatever and keep listening to you.

    Keep it up men!💙

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  2. Albandry23

    You guys represent the funniest group of friends that I never had

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  3. marvin card

    If you
    Good luck on the new season of your

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  4. Amira ...

    Please consider listener no.1 in all of your podcasts. He is a great addition especially with his bizarre stories and hilarious unpredicted comments 🤓

    Keep going Kabsa boys, you’re all doing great ✌️

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  5. suly_aziz

    لعن ابوه البيض منزلين تقيم البودكاست .
    اجلووووود في ظهرهم يابو غامد 🫡

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  6. REHAM.9

    كنت طفشانة و ادور ع شي اسمعه بدل الأغاني و انلحس مخي كثير بس keep going

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  7. hanosa27

    Interesting… 🥳

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  8. Sarars7

    Episode 1
    I wasn’t expecting this much of genuine conversations which btw I loved! Weird start but it kept me interested.
    Regarding stepping out of the comfort zone, you can work toward whatever passion you possess while maintaining that financial stability especially if you’re in a position where others depend on you as a source of an income, in the same time you wouldn’t give it all since you’ll always have a plan B which is staying in the same comfort zone you’re used to, since the mindset won’t be that motivated “the urge to survive” won’t be there. I see it all depends on how you envision yourself in the future with exploring both pros and cons of ur decisions.

    Thank you for pointing out on successful female leaders.

    I should be a guest at such a show…

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  9. mno0o33349

    Fun & informative
    This podcast is becoming a part of my days you guys, we need more episodes 👏🏼

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  10. ghgj NV

    نقد بناء
    اسوء بودكاست بالعالم كنت طفشانه وابي اسمع شي وانا اطبخ وحطيته بس يدي كانت وصخه فما قدرت اقفل الحلقة واضطريت اني اسمع الغثى حقكم لربع ساعه الله يكتب اجري بس😅

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  11. Bashayer920

    Weird thoughts and a bit annoying other than that it’s amusing to hear you guys once a month 🌚

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  12. nam455

    الضحكات مزعجة
    اصوات الضحكات عالية وكثرتها مزعجة خاصتا اني اسمعكم قبل النوم وشكرا 🙏🏼

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  13. elialoslisa

    Woah extremely chaotic
    Got a headache after attempting to listen to one episode

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