IELTS podcast

IELTS podcast

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21 أغسطس, 2018
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  1. Ma rîam


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  2. FaFahimJan

    Love it
    I’m crazy about your website and now the episodes 😍 thank you so much ☺️

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  3. Ry@nc3rb!t0

    One of the best free tutorials in store
    Hi Ben,
    I have been following your free tutorial via podcast maybe for the last 3-4 years. I was really devastated when I flunked my first IELTS test way back 2015. I took my test in the Philippines and got only an overall band score of 6.5. Just this month I had the courage to take again the test having guided by my first experience and a lot of tips and test taking strategies from you. Thanks a lot. I got 7.5 overall band score this time L/R: 8/8, W/S: 7/7. Although I have not purchased a single service from your end, I was still able to benefit from this email notifications. Had I flunked IELTS the second time around, I would have avail of the services you offered. Thanks again and please continue spreading these good deeds. The ripples of your work has really helped me.

    All the best,