IELTS podcast

IELTS podcast

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21 أغسطس, 2018
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  1. KirillVR

    Great material for exam preparation
    I found this podcast a lot more helpful than the others. Very understandable, straight to the point (no adverts), good for students with various English language skills.
    Thanks Ben and team for getting us closer to our dreams!

  2. moro1864

    You are great, but I wanna say something I’ve found bothering. You can speak slowly so anybody understands the words, but pauses between words make mind tired and is annoying.

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  3. arianaaa..

    Thank you
    This podcast is Amazing👌🏻👍🏻
    It helped me a lot!

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  4. mostafa ahmadi memo

    As long as I subscribed to the ieltspodcast I everyday receive so many useful material which is helpful to increase your knowledge of English also all the materials concentrated on scoring high in IELTS exam .many thanks

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  5. Maxxy26uih

    Best IELTS Prep tool
    Ben’s style of teaching is absolutely unique, His sentence guide is one of a kind and his website Ieltspodcast is indeed amazing. I will recommend his material to anyone intrested in having a good band score

  6. Calonixgandhi

    Very informative and easy to follow
    Content in this podcast are easy to follow. Each topic is well explained and concise within short time. Testimonials for users who benefited already are encouraging to listeners. Band levels are explained at each topic and what one must do to achieve their desired band is well articulated. Love the podcast and it is very helpful in my IELTS preparation.

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  7. Anna Rova

    This podcast is for you!
    This podcast is full of great tips and useful messages for anyone preparing for the IELTS exam! Highly recommended!

  8. AbundantMichael

    Best way to prepare for IELTS
    Lots of tips and details on preparing for the IELTS exam. Recommended if you need to pass it with a good level for your job or university place.

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  9. Alshyn Zh

    The most helpful resource
    This is the most helpful resource, I’ve ever heard. Even if I am practicing IELTS by myself, this resource gave me the advices, for which details I probably should take care of, since each mistake would lead to low scores, that I won’t to take. In addition, there is the most concrete information about assessment whereas others don’t know it well. So that’s all…

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  10. zionproductionpro

    The best Iels podcast
    This IELTS podcast in the best out there! I constantly listen to a lot of other podcasts and recently has started to prepare for IELTS. The first thing I did is I typed IELTS in itunes search bar. A few results came out and I started to listen all of them one by one. To tell the truth, all other IELTS podcasts are worthless, compared to this one. It gives very valuable knowledge, especially for Writing task. Above all, I love the podcast Host- he is very professional !!! 10 stars

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  11. CarlosCali

    Absolutely helpful
    Thanks Ben for all the tips and help you give us through this podcast, I find them very helpful…much appreciated.

  12. Angpinakamagandasabakatnglupa

    Ben Worthington Rocks!
    Hi! I am writing this review as thanks because Ben and his podcasts and other ielts materials of which most i got for free helped me a lot in getting my desired score. I needed a score of 7 for all categories for acad ielts, i don’t have time to attend a review classes since i was working aside from the fact that it is really costly. I saw his website and listened to podcasts, followed his tips in writing and after 3 weeks of doing it every 2 hours a day after i got from work i passed!! Thank you so much Ben! You’re godsend! I always recommend his website and podcasts to friends and relatives wanting to go through the same exam. It’s been 2 years now and i still subscribe even though i don’t need it anymore.

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  13. Jesoca

    I’m so happy to have found this podcast
    Thanks so much for all the advice given in this podcast. I have only listened to 1 of the episodes and can’t wait to keep going.

  14. Barbara the Raw Food Diva

    Great resource for students
    Ben’s pacing is excellent for students. His examples are helpful, and his voice is very clear. He clearly knows his stuff, a great resource for IELTS prep.

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  15. emmatheultimatebae

    Ben’s funny and helpful
    and i like your accent – what, yorkshire/lancashire farmer? XDDD all the podcasts are quite informative and to the point. there are several episodes i love the best though: 1stly, the one blasting through my sub-woofers right now lol, pop songs with task 2 essays for lyrics, that’s gold man, gold. 2nd, your interview with tim wilson, he’s awesome, i wanna marry him; last but not least, your interview with an australian speech theropist or sthg, the morning drill “i saw 66 farmers laughing on the phone”, i think i nailed this one <3.. oh there's another episode also funny, your interview with an australian tutor who coached a very attractive russian, i thought she ended up as his trophy wife as well LMAO

  16. Idjeeiosndnekdnd

    Really nice tips ! I really enjoyed it! If you are searching for some advices about IELTS exam , just check out those podcasts 😉

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  17. KatharinaBlum

    Useful tips!!
    Really helped me for the Test even with only little Time i had for preparing.

  18. Mgcsdeng

    Fantastic trics and advices
    Being preparing for IELTS, this podcast series just helped me alot.

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