Sometimes In Life

Sometimes In Life

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Hi! My name is Noorah. And this is where I share secret and insights into the most common questions I get asked as a coach and an art therapist and that I don’t share anywhere else. To help you: 1- Answer the questions you’ve been dying to have (or at least start with the right question) 2- Reconnect with self and learn how to become your own coach A little bit more on me: I’m a visual communicator, intuitive thinker and a storyteller that is dedicated to helping you hold conversations with self and others that build. I’m an art therapist and a coach specialized in narrative coaching, emotional intelligence, coaching personality types and personal branding.

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17 مايو, 2018
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  1. uri 1010

    Well explained, your language, the topic, everything is perfect mashallah, enjoyed every moment of it.

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  2. Renadbaby

    المحتوى رائع ومحفز
    حقيقة استمتع بالبودكاست ولكن الصوت غير واضح ويحتاج تحسين 👍🏻
    Keep up the great work nora

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  3. shinsmsm

    حبيت مررة

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