Fahad Alenezi – Mind Universe

Fahad Alenezi – Mind Universe

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The intention behind this work is to voice out the universe within the listener's mind, the part within them that is hidden from the outside world.

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3 أغسطس, 2020
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عجبهم البودكاست 😍


دول حول العالم 🌎

    good morning
    Im new here I think your podcast would be my comfort space, wish you the best.

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  2. leenah ali

    Marvelous !!!
    I love this podcast 😭✔️❤️❤️❤️

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  3. Riiiiiiey

    Good podcasts
    I’ve listened to few episodes so far and honestly i enjoyed them but i noticed that you’re always so serious 😬 also do you have a twitter account for this podcast? i’d like to follow it!

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  4. حالية💛🍃

    صباح الخير ❤️
    ليش مافي حلقات هل توقف البودكاست !؟

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  5. shurug AL-bieshi

    Shurug AL-bieshi
    ” لا تصدق كل ماتسمعه.هنآك ثلاث جوانب للقصة. أنت ,وهم والحقيقة “ . ” Don’t believe everything you hear . There are always three sides to a story. Yours ، theirs and the truth ” .

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  6. areej alsaeed

    Keep giving us a hand 🤝
    Hello fahad , I would like to thank u for sharing us your thoughts, you don’t know how it means to me listening to your episodes 🌟

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  7. ilamees.

    A review.
    Keep going 👏🏼✨

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  8. Ibelomf

    Great personality
    You’re cool👏🏿

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  9. 𝙻𝚎𝚎𝚗𝚊 𝚊𝚕𝚒

    حلوووو البودكاست

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  10. Nora-N

    Comfortable conversations
    Every time I listen to this podcast episodes I feel this kind of peace inside of me, like if there is nothing wrong with this Horrible world.

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  11. nbopa

    This helped me a lot thanks

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  12. tootah24242424

    This podcast brings joy to my heart.

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  13. هقوه

    Truly your voice brings satisfaction, happiness… also i loved your way of talking.keep going ❤️

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  14. captivatingM

    You’ve been missed alot
    This show feels like that hug of support and comfort we all need by the end of every day ..
    I didn’t listen to all of the last episode but I already appreciate effort you put to make this show at this level of perfection and professionalism .
    You’re making a difference

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  15. LibrasQueen

    Hello fahad,
    Can u please give me the link of ur telegram channel
    Thank u (: ♡ ♡ ..

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  16. gghknennu

    as a solo effort ? this magnificent !!! 🤍🤩

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