Fahad Alenezi – Mind Universe

Fahad Alenezi – Mind Universe

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The intention behind this work is to voice out the universe within the listener's mind, the part within them that is hidden from the outside world.

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3 أغسطس, 2020
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  1. saraMBatt

    OMG awesomeness
    Dear Fahad,

    I’d say it is my remedy and what I really needed. Highly appreciated

    May the lord bless you always and always ya Rab


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  2. renaalanizi

    Amazing podcast 🤍
    This podcast is all we need .. thanks and i wich for you good luck

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  3. mashael777

    This podcast is incredibly therapeutic mentally and emotionally . I cannot thank you enough but you should know that you are making a difference and you are truly appreciated . I can’t wait for the next episode 🖤

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  4. Khuloo Filli

    I can not tell how much this podcast helped and still helping me understand myself and through dark times. I can describe it as if you thought you are about to hit rock bottom and fortunately you find a pillow , this podcast is the pillow for me. Thank you Fahad if thanks is ever enough.

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  5. tttaaid

    When I hear the podcast I feel like in another place different world thank you ❤️!

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  6. 1itsreem

    This podcast is getting me through this year
    Truly needed!

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  7. ريمو

    I love it !!
    My favorite podcasts ever

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  8. Deena.9

    Your words mean a lot and your help will stay in my heart forever. I thank you wholeheartedly. Please don’t stop!

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  9. Gjjkhgffguy

    I enjoy listening to ur podcasts Fahad. DO NOT STOP.

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  10. Ghad ✨

    على اني ما فهمت كثير من الي تقول بحكم لغتي المبتدئة🥶 لكن استمتعت وانا اسمعك 🤍✨ Keep going

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  11. Raturtle

    You’re the best

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  12. Fafi_


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  13. mjd.sdza

    Cant for your book either!

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  14. mashael777

    I would love to hear more of you .

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  15. WVXII

    Heck yeah!
    A great, chill podcast that is easy to listen to and has a casual vibe.

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  16. poisonnediv

    This is a really amusing podcast. Takes one to a tranquil spaces and fills his mind with encouraging eye opening ideas and insights. 🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍. Wish it was longer though
    Looking forward for more of this art pieces

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  17. Lulw7

    Different perspectives, magical worlds
    It was interesting listening to a different perspective on the same things that I deeply think of and dissect in my daily life.
    At the beginning, I felt some resistance because I’m so caught up in my own inner world -it also feels like this inner world is enjoying individuality so hard and happy with the personal perspectives I get to gain.
    So I invited my self and ego to open up, forget what I know and listen to you, Fahad, with a fresh mind.
    That made me love it even more. + You have the voice for it, and your narration style is just perfect.

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  18. Skzjxj

    Can’t wait for your book.

    – Malak

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