The Gaming Recess

The Gaming Recess

كان هنا بودكاست

Based out of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, The Gaming Recess is a casual Arablish videogame talk show. Game development enthusiasts talk about the latest in the realm of videogames with news, reviews, and discussions. Made and hosted by the @GameDevJeddah Team.

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9 يونيو, 2016
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مستدفر Mstdfr



عجبهم البودكاست 😍
  1. Maddox Patt

    Great for Arabic Learners!
    I am an American learning Arabic who really enjoys Podcasts pertaining to gaming news and discussions, so this is like perfect. The mix of English and Arabic is easy to follow, and the information is very cool! The host is very cool and sounds like a nice guy!

    أنا أمريكي من تعليم اللغة العربية وأحب كتير پودكاستس عن لعب الفديو والأخبار فهذا هايل! الخليط بين إنجليزي وعربي اسهل من عربي فقط والمدير حلو كتير! أشكر لك لهذا البودكاست!

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  2. TrojanFM

    I’ve been distant from the gaming scene for quite a while now, and after listening to these guys, I totally feel in love with gaming again. Interesting discussions that go in depth for an hour while still remaining interesting. Recommended!

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  3. khayra.b

    Game developers, not just gamers
    It’s hard for me to get into gaming shows because it’s always so judgey and they just talk about what they like about playing. This show makes me feel more informed about the science behind development. Gave me a new appreciation to gaming.

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  4. FatThatMa

    It’s awesome!

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