PARACHUTE16 – باراشوت١٦

PARACHUTE16 – باراشوت١٦

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🌟بودكاست باراشوت١٦هو بودكاست يهدف لبناء القدرات والتشبيك والدعم بالإضافة لإلهام رواد الأعمال من خلال محتوى إبداعي عربي متخصص بمجال ريادة الأعمال. Parachute16 Podcast is a podcast that aims to build capabilities, network and support, as well as inspire entrepreneurs through creative Arabic content specialized in the field of entrepreneurship

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1 مارس, 2021
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  1. LamaShashaa

    Motivational and inspiring content
    Ghassan Halaweh being entreprenuer himself inspires so many people. Creating this content gives us an idea about his entrepreneurial journey and how he perceives connecting with fabulous crowd. Parachute 16 podcast gives us an outlook on how to charge our energy by giving others the platform to show their aspirations and ambitions, their personal story and connect with community of makers and leaders. Thank you Ghassan for the generous resourceful people you are interviewing and the stories they are all telling.

  2. Hadeel Anab

    Great interviews!
    A great work highlighting entrepreneurs, creative minds and hard working people from Jordan! Keep up the good work 👏🏻

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