7 Minutes Motivation

7 Minutes Motivation

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The 7 Minutes Motivation is a Weekly Arabic Podcast brought to you every Monday to fuel you with a story or a topic that would help you throughout your week.

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1 يونيو, 2012
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  1. tarekmehtseb

    A vital part of my routine
    Every week I get 7 minutes of great content that entertain me and help me focus on my goals.

  2. Jajajdnbdvdjdjrjdjjdndndb

    Amazing work, well documented collection of motivational podcasts grouped together in an Arabic theme. I’m lebanese living in Australia, but I’m starting to lose grip of the Lebanese arabic language dialect. So I listen to your podcasts to help strengthen my arabic. I haven’t heard beiruti arabic in such a long time, so listening to your stories felt nostalgic.